Moscow restaurants: Twins

ресторан twins

Restaurant Twins is kind of place where you want to go back again. There is friendly staff, nice atmosphere and great food. Especially I like the fact that some waiters there are really interested in dishes they serve. For example I was happy to discuss some desserts pros and cons with a very nice waitress in there. Such things are very important for me, I like to talk about food and share experience with the people who are really interested in this as I am.

ресторан twins

There is very interesting cutlery displayed in Twins. My friend and I were served with several different forks for every dish we ordered. On every fork is written a funny word which makes our food journey even more nice. We’ve got forks with “KISS” and “SEXY” for salads, “HOWDY” for main course and “YAMMY” for desserts. I also like toothpicks location. They are in bathrooms. This is where they really should be.

ресторан twins

Raspberry ginger lemonade. I do love nice lemonades. Sometimes I even go to the restaurants mostly because of good lemonade, and nice food can be just a second reason. Although of course if there is a good lemonade in a restaurant, it means they should have excellent food also. Well, I can say lemonade in Twins is the best one I’ve tried so far. It’s really made from raspberry berries. And there is real fresh ginger. This lemonade is thick, rich, sweet and spicy. Just perfect. The lemonade is decorated with a slice of lime and fresh lime leaf. Lime aroma completes the taste of the drink and makes it more fresh.

ресторан twins

Appetizers. We’ve got super soft butter with roasted wheat and black salt, mushroom pate, and 3 types of homemade bread in a wooden bowl filled with oats and wheat as a compliment from chefs (there are 2 chefs and they are twins of course). I like idea of roasted wheat and black salt on the butter. I’ve never seen it before. However, mushroom pate became the biggest surprize for me. It has strong mushroom flavor and delicate texture. I would not even call it pate, it was more like mushroom cream. Excellent.

ресторан твинс москва

Green salad with asparagus, soft cheese and feijoa. I like feijoa in this salad most of all, it’s very unusual and quite tasty with fresh greens. However, I think there are too many ingredients. For example, even with all my love for soft cheese I would take it away or at least  replace with ricotta. Zucchini and celery were also a bit strange in that mix, so I would prefer to have that salad without them.

ресторан твинс зеленый салат со спаржей

Cauliflower with poached egg. Slightly fried cauliflower and broccoli are laid out on cauliflower and potato creamy mash. There are also aromatic garlic croutons, poached egg and triangles of red cabbage. Taste is very nice, but feels like something is missing, some bright accent.

ресторан twins

Pumpkin confit with mango and passion fruit sorbet. This dessert became a big discovery for me. The combination of ingredients is stunning. There are two layers of almond cakes with pieces of hazelnut, lime cream and mango-&-passion fruit sorbet with a thin circle of caramel on the top. Cubes of pumpkin confit complete this piece of art. There is no taste of pumpkin but, so dessert is not that much about it. Nevertheless, this is the best dessert I’ve tried for very long time. Not sugary, light and delicious.

ресторан twins

Basically lunch in Twins was nice, light and tasty. Perhaps only a salad doesn’t fit into the whole thing.


The most delicious:

  • Raspberry ginger lemonade
  • Mushroom pate
  • Pumpkin confit with mango and passion fruit sorbet


ресторан twins

On the photo: mini bruschetta with black caviar served with “Fish soup with fire”.


The bill:


  1. Lemonade – 350 rubles
  2. Green salad with asparagus – 640 rubles
  3. Cauliflower with poached egg – 490 rubles
  4. Pumpkin confit – 430 rubles

TOTAL: 1910 rubles for 1 person

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