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безопасность на бали

My body was shaking that much just 2 times in my life. At first it happened during storm in Thailand in 2010, when I got so cold I’ve never been before, plus I was super stressed about our small wooden boat which may not make out from that storm. The second time was in May 2014, when me and my girlfriend were followed by a stranger on a motorbike. It was late at night on By Pass Ngurah Rai road in Bali, when just few vehicles were on the road. A man was beeping and pushing us to the left side of the road. We were driving so fast to get rid of it but he did his best to make us stop. It was so scary because we knew if we stop something really bad would happen and nobody will help us. We were followed for long several minutes until my friend decided to stop near a random shop, where we turned into a narrow alley. We got off from our motorbike and I started to call another friend to ask for help. It was so difficult to push few buttons on a phone, my hands were shaking so much, my mouth couldn’t talk proper. All my body was super scared. It was exactly what I was reading about Bali before.


Right after I left Bali in 2012 bed things started to happen there. It was always pretty much the same story about girls and strangers on motorbikes. Usually a man was trying to steal a bag while a girl was driving. As a result the girl could be robbed in a better case or fall over from a bike with further hospitalisation in worse case. So it’s recommended do not drive alone at night or don’t drive with a bag and wear long pants and a jumper. However I followed the rules but it didn’t help me much.


Anyway after our sudden stop near the shop we disappeared from the man’s viewpoint and he left. So basically there is happy end of this story but we had the worst feeling after that. I don’t want even think what could happen if I was driving the bike. Could I stay as strong as my friend did? Could I drive proper while my body was shaking so much?


There is no paradise in the Earth, so you should be always prepared morally for such kind of things. But at the same time you should always think positive way. Because if you think and worry too much about bad stuff it can happen to you. As I believe happened to me. Do not make my mistakes. Love and Peace.

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"Я без ума от путешествий и вкусной красивой еды. Мои приключения начались в 2011 году, когда я купила билет в один конец и уехала на год на Бали. Этот остров навсегда перевернул мой мир, после чего я начала работать кондитером, написала огромное количество статей про еду для разных классных сайтов, поднялась пешком на Мачу Пикчу, провела 3 месяца в Австралии, влюбилась в Израиль, проехалась по средневековым замкам Украины и отправилась в незабываемый мото-челлендж в Барселону. На данный момент я нахожусь в Москве, работаю менеджером по кейтерингу в Bankatering и время от времени езжу в гастрономические путешествия."

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