Balinese sweets

Do you like chocolate or panna cotta? Forget about it when you travel to Asia because any asian sweets will absolutely blow your mind. Aсid colors, salty taste, stringy texture. Balinese sweets can become a big discovery for you. Maybe not the tastiest one but definitely very interesting and unforgettable.


One day I took all my courage with me and went to a local shop in Bali to buy some new sweets to try. What can I say. Me and my 3 roommates couldn’t finish those sweets during 2 weeks I think. But at least I have colorful photos now.

indonesian dessert


Roti kukus – bali style steamed cupcakes made from eggs, icing sugar, flour, coconut milk, Sprite and natural food colorings: cocoa powder, strawberry and green pandan leaves. They are actually pretty good and remind me colorful edible clouds.

Roti kukus balinese sweets


Reta – super green, dry and crunchy things made from pandan leaves and melted icing sugar.

Reta Balinese sweets


Getuk lindri – made from cassava (type of root, something like potato), sugar, salt, vanilla, food colorings and desiccated coconut. Mixed ingredients are passed through a mincer, shaped into an oval, cut into 5cm strips and sprinkled with coconut.

Getuk lindri Balinese sweets


Timus singkong – deep fried pastry made from sweet potato.

Timus singkong Balinese sweets


Onde Onde – sweet rice flour dough with nuts inside and sesame seeds outside.

Onde Onde Balinese sweets


Lupis Gula Merah – salty jelly made from brown sugar, vanillin, salt, flour and gelatin.

Lupis Gula Merah Balinese sweets


Sari muka – two layered dessert. The lower layer is made from coconut milk, salt and rice. Rice should be pre-soaked for 4 hours and dried. Top layer is a mixture of egg, icing sugar, pandan leaves, water, coconut milk, flour, tapioca, and salt.

Sari muka Balinese sweets


Tiwul – cassava + desiccated coconut. Reminds me crumbled soft cookies.

Tiwul Balinese sweets


Dodol – sticky, thick and sweet thing which is something like toffee. It’s made from coconut milk, palm sugar and rice flour. The mixture is boiled in a wok style cauldron during 9 hours. Throughout the time dodol should be stirred constantly, in case of pause the taste and dessert aroma will be spoiled. Dodol wrapped in coconut leaves, corn ears or in small plastic bags.

Dodol Balinese sweets


Kue jagung – rice pudding with natural food colorings.

Kue jagung Balinese sweets Kue jagung Balinese sweets


Lupis – rice dessert which is cooked during 4 hours in banana leaves. It’s served with coconut and melted palm sugar.

Lupis Balinese sweets


Ongol Gula Merah – brown sugar and rice flour soft jelly-like with tapioca inside. Tastes like something between a creme brulee and caramel.

Ongol Gula Merah Balinese sweets


Klepon – sweet rice flour things with melted brown sugar inside. Green color comes probably from pandan leaves like pretty much every green stuff in Asia.

Klepon Balinese sweets
Jelly desserts: Red Kue Ku, black strip of Dodol with sesame seeds, bananas in pink and white jelly, black jelly with desiccated coconut.

Balinese dessert

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