Bali restaurants: Breakfast in Seminyak

завтраки на бали в семиньяке

Bali is the place where I started to love mornings, I discovered that it is actually a very nice feeling that the whole day is just about to begin. Last time when I was at my favourite island I used to go for breakfast at a new cafe every time to find interesting places and tastes. But of course sometimes instead of having a good experience I had very bad one, so I’ve been through quite a lot to make this report. But anyway I will share with you just the best which includes sweet edible flowers, the most delicious granola, good quality products and the best combination of ingredients. So when you are in Bali you know where to have a nice breakfast in Seminyak.


Tropical fruit salad with coconut Bavarian cream & a coconut lime granita.

Where: Sisterfields
How much: 40 000 indonesian rupiah (US$3,3)

Delicious salad made with ripe fruit with a scattering of edible bitter and sweet flowers. Very delicate taste

завтраки на бали завтрак в систерфилдс

Homemade pumpkinseed & ginger granola, topped with yoghurt, fresh fruit & a little honey.

Where: Revolver
How much: 35 000 indonesian rupiah (US$2,9)

Insanely delicious and fresh, but very small breakfast. Little bit of delicious granola, ripe fruit and maple syrup instead of honey which was written on the menu.

завтраки на бали завтра в револьвер

Toasted sourdough, avocado, ricotta, mushroom, mozzarella.

Where: Corner house
How much: 45 000  indonesian rupiah (US$3,7)

These sandwiches are not the most picturesque, however looks can be deceiving, as they are indeed very tasty. The main emphasis is dried tomatoes as they are sweet, tasty and juicy also fresh bread, pesto, pumpkin seeds, feta and rucola make for a great combination with divine tomatoes and produce stunning flavor all together, I would just add a bowl of green salad to make this breakfast absolutely perfect.

завтраки на бали завтрак в корнер хаус

Toasted bread, goat’s cheese, fresh tomato, avocado, 2 poached eggs.

Where: Rolling Fork
How much: 40 000 indonesian rupiah (US$3,3)

Fresh and nutritious breakfast which literally can not fit on the plate (which is quite good). Perfect amount of ingredients will charge you with energy for several hours and will help  spend a morning in a productive way.

Bread, eggs, tomatoes, cheese and avocado – it’s pretty simple but a very good combination which works perfectly. Eggs although were a little bit overcooked in this case.

завтраки на бали завтрак в роллинг форк

Sauteed spinach, zucchini, rocket, parsley, avocado, olive oil.

Where: Zucchini
How much: 45 000 indonesian rupiah (US$3,7)

Usually the word “green” in menu points not only to color, but also to freshness of greens so boiled spinach in butter was something unexpected from the dish called “Green breakfast.” Perhaps, it’s better to try sandwiches with caramelized onions and cheese in Zucchini cafe.

завтраки на бали завтрак в цукини


Traditional balinese breakfast treat, made of sticky black rice, coconut and palm sugar.

Where: Earth Cafe
How much: 35 000 indonesian rupiah (US$2,9)

Rice porridge with coconut cream is not a bad way to start a new day, it’s nutritious and quite tasty. Also it’s nice that this is a traditional Balinese dish because you are supposed to try things while staying in Bali.

завтраки на бали завтрак в ерт кафе

Corn & coriander fritters topped with mashed avocado & tomato salsa

Where: Kreol Kitchen
How much: 36 000 indonesian rupiah (US$3)

Good quality products made this dish very tasty. At the same time it’s pretty simple in a good way and looks nice.

завтраки на бали завтрак в креол китчен

Fresh avocado crushed over toasted rye bread with strawberry tomato salsa, rocket & pumpkin seeds.

Where: Townhouse
How much: 50 000 indonesian rupiah (US$4)

Very beautiful sandwich name and interesting ingredients. Strawberry-tomato salsa seems exotic and enjoyable. However, the taste of the breakfast is still quite simple.

завтраки на бали завтрак в таунхаус

Oatmeal soaked in apple juice, natural yoghurt, honey, strawberry, banana & crunchy nut mix

Where: Olive
How much: 38 000 indonesian rupiah (US$3,1)

Very tiny breakfast also you can hardly taste apple juice in this oatmeal. The breakfast description sounds a little bit better than it tastes, it’s alright but nothing special.

завтраки на бали завтрак в олив

Fresh classic buttermilk, strawberry pancakes served with strawberry compote, maple syrup and butter.

Where: Livingstone
How much: 50 000 indonesian rupiah (US$4)

Pretty regular pancakes with cooked strawberries. However in combination with coffee it works quite well.

завтраки на бали завтрак в ливингстоун

Two choices of bread (Croissant/danish/multi grain toast) + fruit jam + breakfast set.

Where: Cafe Moonlight Bali
How much: 45 000 indonesian rupiah (US$3,7)

Different types of bread are not always available. Breakfast seems to be very big because of this kind of serving, it’s barely fits on the table. In fact, it is just a normal toast with jam and butter. Fruit in the salad and smoothie were not ripe.

завтраки на бали завтрак в мунлайт

Brown baguette, tofu pattie, lettuce, carrot, beetroot, Swich mayo.

Where: Swich Sandwiches
How much: 29 000 indonesian rupiah (US$2,4)

It looks like a breakfast for champions. It’s very nutritious and delicious. No wonder they say Swich serves the best sandwiches in Bali.

завтраки на бали свич сэндвичи

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