Australian dessert Pavlova


It’s so nice that traditional Australian dessert Pavlova has Russian name. Australians however put the accent on the second syllable saying ”pavlOva” while Russians say “pAvlova”.

It was named by famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, who visited Australia and New Zealand during her tour in 1920-1940. Inspired by her character, a pastry chef invented a nice and light dessert just like the ballerina herself.

Despite the fact that nobody can confirm the origin of the dessert, whether it was created in Australia or New Zealand (I’d say there are more facts pointing to New Zealand) but everybody used to think that Pavlova is traditional Australian dessert.

For the very first time I noticed name Pavlova at “I Love Cake” in Moscow. But I didn’t want to order it because my big Australian adventure was going to begin right next week after.

I’ve chosen a place to try Pavlova very careful. I just needed to be sure it will be perfect. So I decided to taste it in a restaurant where I tried super nice gnocchi (it was the best food I actually tried in Australia for 3 months staying there). So I went there.. No I didn’t have chance to come into that restaurant because waitress decided to check my id. It was just about 3pm and I was going to eat a cake. And they didn’t let me in because I didn’t have a proof I’m over 18! As usual I was glad I look so young but I just wanted to try Pavlova. So few days after I came back with my passport. And I don’t regret I’ve chosen that place. It was just perfect! A dessert was like a cloud, so soft, so nice, so ideal, it was melting in my month. It was also my first time when I tried a real passion fruit. When I put a spoon with its flesh into my month I understood straight away why they call it Passion Fruit. It’s really about passion. So super tasty just unbelievable. I tried maracuya with orange skin in Bali before and it was nothing about taste purple skinned maracuya has. I dessert – two discoveries. Very nice!


In several days I bought Pavlova in a regular supermarket to compare. And actually it wasn’t bad at all. I’d say it was very similar. Just didn’t look that nice but still very soft with sweet cream and fruit on the top.

They also sell a drink made from ice with Pavlova taste in Australia. So popular it is. It’s definitely one of the most important things to try in Down Under Land.


"Я без ума от путешествий и вкусной красивой еды. Мои приключения начались в 2011 году, когда я купила билет в один конец и уехала на год на Бали. Этот остров навсегда перевернул мой мир, после чего я начала работать кондитером, написала огромное количество статей про еду для разных классных сайтов, поднялась пешком на Мачу Пикчу, провела 3 месяца в Австралии, влюбилась в Израиль, проехалась по средневековым замкам Украины и отправилась в незабываемый мото-челлендж в Барселону. На данный момент я нахожусь в Москве, работаю менеджером по кейтерингу в Bankatering и время от времени езжу в гастрономические путешествия."

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